“Sharing at the keyboard: what you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask:
This presentation examines the uniqueness and special techniques used in playing piano duets and piano duo. Diverse repertoire demonstrates practical solutions and their applications.

The Art of Transcription: second life of famous scores”
This presentation explains the ideas, techniques, and challenges encountered when orchestral scores are transcribed into the keyboard medium. Stravinsky “Petrouchka” and G. Gershwin “American in Paris”.

“The Rite of Reinvention: Petrouchka and Rite of Spring”
This presentation focuses on the piano duet transcriptions of two famous ballets by Stravinsky.

“Rhapsody for One Pedal: Spanish Rhapsody by Ravel”
Maurice Ravel’s scores are famous for their multilayered texture and dry transparency. We explore the issue of pedaling when Ravel’s compositions are performed on a single piano.